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A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating/fire protection rating used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure. It also used as a way to enable safe egress from a building or structure.

A fire rated door set consists of a fire door leaf, fire door frame, with hardware such as closers, handles, locks, vision panels, air grilles, and is defined under Australian Standard AS1905.1. Fire rated door sets must be self-closing and self-latching to be certified. Once a fire door set is installed correctly with approved hardware, a tag and certificate is issued and installed on the fire door frame.

What to consider when purchasing and installing your fire door set?

Check that you have the correct fire door rating. There are generally two different types of fire doors used:

  • Sole Occupancy Unit Fire Rating Level -/60/30: This type of fire door is a one hour rated fire door.
  • Common Property Fire Door -/120/30: This type of fire door is a two hour rated fire door
  • No more than 6mm is to be trimmed from any edge of the fire door; if you need to trim more than 6mm off the door, you will need to order a custom door to fit your specific sizing needs
  • Only 3mm of clearance must be evident between the custom fire door and the frame at the head and the stiles; if more than a 3mm gap exists, your fire door will be non-compliant
  • No more than 10mm and no less than 3mm of clearance must be evident between the fire door and finished floor; if more than a 10mm gap exists between the door and floor, your door will not comply with Australian standards
  • The sill of the opening must be made from a non-combustible product, such as concrete
  • The locks or closing mechanisms on each door have been fire tested and certified (remember, all fire doors must be self-latching); all furniture, handles and any other fixture fitted to the door leaf must be tested/ and certified locks must have a 127mm back set
  • No deadbolts (or similar locks) are installed on any fire door; this goes against the Building Codes of Australia, is contrary to the Australian Standards and will result in non-compliancy
  • No extra accessories (peep holes, door bells etc.) are installed on any fire door once it has been certified by the fire safety professional

8 Quick Fire Door Set Checks That Could Save Lives


Check the fire door set has the correct fire door certification on the fire door frame


Check that the fire door is marked correctly with the appropriate signage


Check that the fire door levers and furniture operate smoothly and return to position


The latch should hold the fire door firmly in place without a struggle for it to work properly


Insure that the smoke seal does not show any visible damage and is fitted correctly


Fire door hinges must be fitted firmly with no screws missing

  • GAPS

Ensure there are gaps no more than 3mm around fire door and frame


Check that the mechanical fire door closer is fitted securely and not leaking oil

Whilst these checks are a useful tool to complete routinely on your fire doors the Building Code of Australia requires that fire doors be inspected and tested by a compliant safety officer as per below;

  • 6 Monthly – Common Property Fire Doors
  • Annually – Common Property Fire doors and Sole Occupancy Unit Fire Doors

Adept Fire Protection Services is able to supply, install, repair and service all types of fire doors and provide certification for these fire doors in accordance with Australian Standards.

Adept Fire Protection Services provide supply and installation of the following fire safety doors and fire door frames (Tagging and Certification included with all of our installation services):

  • Unit Entry Fire Door Replacements & Complete Door, Frame, Hardware Upgrades.
  • Fire Stair Doors
  • Service Cupboard Fire Doors
  • Smoke Doors & Seals + Non-combustible Linings
  • Small – Large Doors, Single Doors, Pairs, Access Hatches, Internal & External fire door

Allow longer lead time for custom made to measure fire doors and fire door frames

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