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What is an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)?

An Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) is a document issued by or on behalf of the owner(s) of an existing building. This is an annual statement that indicates that each fire safety measure that applies to that building has been inspected by a competent fire safety practitioner (CFSP) and that the systems perform as required. Annual Fire Safety Statements must be issued for every building other than class 1 (house), this must be done using a standard template form published by the NSW Government.

What qualifications do you need to complete an inspection for an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)?

Following April 2020, only Competent Fire Safety Practitioners (CFSPs) accredited under the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) will be able to complete the inspection, testing and maintenance for an AFSS.

Is Adept Fire Protection Services an FPAS recognised business?

Adept Fire is a FPAS recognized business, our accreditation number is F049041A. This can be found on the ‘FPAS Fire Safety Assessment Accredited Practitioner Register’

How often does my fire safety equipment need to inspected?

The frequency of testing for fire safety equipment is stated in AS1851-2012. This equipment must be inspected as per AS1851-2012 In order for the AFSS to be completed. Some fire safety equipment may need to be inspected monthly, while other items may only need to be inspected annually.

What does Adept Fire Protection Services require to provide a quote the inspection of buildings?

In order to provide a quote for the inspection and testing of a building, we will require the list of essential fire safety measures for this building. We would also require general information of the building such as the size (number of lots) and type of building (residential, commercial, industrial)?

Can Adept fire Protection Services complete the rectification of any defective fire safety equipment?

Adept Fire Protection Services are able to offer a wide range of services, being able to rectify any defects identified in a buildings fire safety equipment. We are able to rectify not only any defects identified by our own technicians but also defects identified by other fire service companies or on any fire orders.

What insurance does Adept Fire Protection Services have?

Adept Fire Protection Services holds workers compensation, public liability and professional indeminity insurance of $20,000,000

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